Top 10 Furniture Shops in Kirti Nagar, Delhi

Furniture Shops in Kirti Nagar

Furniture shops in Kirti Nagar are known for their diverse furniture collection. It doesn’t matter what type of furniture you are looking for; you will likely find it in Kirti Nagar. Plus, the quality of the furniture is top-notch, ensuring durability and style. 

What sets these shops apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The staff is friendly and ready to assist you in finding the perfect piece for your home. So, if you are searching for quality furniture that suits your taste and budget, these shops in Kirti Nagar are the go-to places.

1. New Punjab Furniture

New Punjab Furniture

Explore the diverse world of furniture at New Punjab Furniture, which is one of the best furniture shops in Kirti Nagar. Its fancy décor items and plush sofas draw customers from all city corners. 

Since its inception in 1962, the wholesale furniture market in Delhi Kirti Nagar has mastered its craft, showcasing a wealth of experience reflected in its products’ quality. As one of the leading luxury furniture stores in Kirti Nagar, they give out fantastic discounts to customers. Not only that, but they also have special marriage packages for married couples.

Address: 25/2, Furniture Block, WHS 

Contact: +91 11 4557 6276 

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM 

Price Range: Rs 22,000 – Rs 80,000

2. The Wood Craft

The Wood Craft

If you are looking for a big sofa set, The Wood Craft is the best place. This Kirti Nagar furniture market specializes in luxury sofa sets and offers various designs. Their sofas are a perfect blend of stunning aesthetics and space-saving functionality.

With two decades of experience in this field, this Kirti Nagar market has carved a niche. This shop is particularly renowned for its expertise in crafting Indian-style furniture, including L-shaped sofas. Visit the store and check out the amazing designs they have to offer.

Address: Plot No. 16, Furniture Market 

Contact: +91 9773 649 903 

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM 

Price Range: Rs 30,000 – Rs 70,000 

3. Art Effects

Art Effects

At Art Effects, you can explore a world of small tabletops, showpieces, and artifacts that are perfect for elevating your living space. This amazing furniture market in Delhi Kirti Nagar is brimming with unique items such as a poly marble Buddha Statue, decorative fountains, handmade carved wall art, and more. 

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One standout piece is their carved wall art featuring a built-in clock. They have many such beautiful items to cater to customers’ unique needs. No wonder it is one of the best furniture shops in Kirti Nagar.

Address: Plot No. 19, Shop No. 4, Furniture Block 

Contact: +91 9910 500 111 

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM 

Price Range: Rs 18,000 – Rs 1,75,000

4. Furniture Point

Furniture Point

When it comes to the top furniture shops in Kirti Nagar, Furniture Point is one of them. This shop has been operating in this field for over three decades and offers a diverse array of furniture at affordable prices.

What sets them apart is their exquisite collection and commitment to customer satisfaction. This is one of the furniture shops in Kirti Nagar, where you will find a lovely collection of mirrors, rocking chairs, and more. Check the Kirti Nagar furniture market weekly off dates to ensure that the shops are open when you visit.

Address: 81, Furniture Block 

Contact: +91 11 4905 2276 

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 7 PM 

Price Range: Rs 48,000 – Rs 71,000

5. Alder Furniture

Alder Furniture

Alder Furniture meets your demand for ready-to-assemble and panel-based furniture with flair. This furniture shop specializes in melamine-polished, ready-to-assemble furniture, catering to the lifestyles of college students. 

From sofas to beds, mirrors to cabinets, this shop offers many options, even for those on a tight budget! This is why it is considered the best furniture store in Kirti Nagar.

Address: 27, Furniture Block 

Contact: +91 11 4290 3322 

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM 

Price Range: Rs 9,600 – Rs 1,25,000 

6. Dreams Furnishings

Dreams Furnishings

Dream Furnishings is hands down one of the best furniture stores in Kirti Nagar. Specializing in unique designs, plush soft furnishings, and exquisite fabrics, this store is a haven for those seeking a personalized touch in their office or home decor. 

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This Kirti Nagar furniture store has everything you need, from curtains to cushion covers. They are also known for luxurious plain velvets available in a wide range of exquisite colors.

Address: 2/3, Furniture Block 

Contact: +91 9899 111 233 

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM 

Price Range: Rs 200 Per Meter – Rs 35,000 Per Meter 

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7. Stanley Boutique

Stanley Boutique

Stanley Boutique is one of the premier furniture shops in Kirti Nagar with a national footprint. This shop is mainly known for its high-end wooden and leather furniture, which are crafted to perfection.

The store is backed by professional staff members who are ready to assist you in selecting designs that complement your living space. This Kirti Nagar sofa market is your one-stop solution for luxurious furniture, from kitchen cabinets to sofas and recliners to leather couches.

Address: 87, Furniture Block, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area 

Contact: +91 11 4733 0879 

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Price Range: Rs 40,000 – Rs 1,75,000

8. Wooden Street

Wooden Street

Wooden Street is one of the fastest-growing furniture shops in Kirti Nagar. Previously, they had only one shop, but today, they have many stores in Kirti Nagar. 

This furniture showroom in Kirti Nagar is renowned for crafting furniture in Sheesham wood. Their collection spans beds, chairs, coffee tables, and even decor items. If you are planning to furnish your home with high-end furniture pieces, Wooden Street is the place for you.

Address: Ground Floor, Plot No.14, Kirti Nagar Main Rd, Mansarover Garden

Contact: +91 9314 444 747 

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM 

Price Range: Rs 6,900 – Rs 1,33,000

9. Bloom Furniture

Bloom Furniture

When talking about furniture shops in Kirti Nagar, we must notice Bloom Furniture is the best shop in the Kirti Nagar furniture market. They offer a vast array of furniture that expert carpenters meticulously handcraft.

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The high-quality materials and impeccable finishes set this Kirti Nagar Delhi furniture apart. Whether you are searching for the perfect sofa set or stunning wooden mirror frames, Bloom Furniture is your destination for sophistication and style.

Address: 2/6, Whs Timber Market, Main Road, Kirti Nagar, Delhi – 110015

Contact: +91-9971308033

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Price Range: Rs 9,500 – Rs 1,25,000

10. HK Furniture

HK Furniture

HK Furniture has been the best shop in the Kirti Nagar furniture market since 1986. Their furniture is a blend of comfort and style. As one of the reputable furniture shops in Kirti Nagar, they serve quality items to customers.

HK Furniture has been consistently offering quality products and services since its inception. They are a wholesaler and manufacturer of premium bedding furniture, hotel furnishings, dining sets, sofa sets, home furniture, and more.

Address: A 103, Whs Timber Market Basement, Kirti Nagar New Delhi-110015

Contact: +91-9311330202

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Price Range: Rs 20,000 – Rs 1,75,000

Final Words

Kirti Nagar has an array of options when it comes to furniture stores. There are hundreds of shops offering high-quality furniture pieces and more. Whether you seek contemporary sophistication or a touch of vintage charm, furniture shops in Kirti Nagar have got you covered.


Where can you find L-shaped sofas in Kirti Nagar?

The Wood Craft store in Kirti Nagar is known for its specialization in L-shaped sofas.

What is the unique feature of Alder Furniture pieces?

Alder Furniture provides ready-to-assemble, panel-based furniture polished with melamine.

Which store in Kirti Nagar is renowned for its after-purchase services?

Furniture Point in Kirti Nagar is famous for its after-purchase services.

What does Dreams Furnishings specialize in?

Dreams Furnishings excels in amazing fabrics, eclectic designs, and soft furnishings.

When was Bloom Furniture established?

Bloom Furniture was established in 2008.

Which store in Kirti Nagar has been since 1986?

HK Furniture was established in 1986.