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      A Complete Guide To Rent Dining Tables in Gurgaon, Noida & Delhi NCR

      At the time, buying furniture was the only option to furnish your home. But things have changed in the last decade as now we have the option to rent home furniture. From dining tables and beds to chairs and desks, you can rent any furniture you like.

      The biggest benefit of renting is the cost factor. Instead of investing a hefty amount, you can pay monthly charges for the piece you rent. This option is highly beneficial for those who are always on the move.

      Speaking of furniture rental, you can get a dining table on rent. Renting services allow customers to choose from various dining table styles and designs. You can choose expensive pieces since you are not buying the furniture outright.

      Before you consider getting a dining table set for rent, it’s important to know the different types. Dining table styles can vary depending on the material and shape. This post will explore some popular dining table types to rent.


      Dining Table Shapes

      When opting to rent a dining table online, you will come across dining tables of different shapes. The most common shapes include:


      The square table design is simple, featuring four legs equally spaced from each other. It’s ideal for smaller spaces and can easily accommodate four diners.


      Rectangular tables are the most popular and widely used shape. They offer a perfect blend of functionality and style, resulting in diverse table designs.


      Opting for an oval design provides the elegance of a round table with the advantage of a longer surface area. This creates more dining space for diners.


      Round tables offer versatile seating options and often come with additional features like a leaf or hinged edges, which can transform them into an oval shape.


      Freeform tables come in unique shapes. For example, one such design stands in a rotated L-shape, supported by a pair of standard legs on one end and a full slab on the other.

      These are the different dining table shapes you can choose from. When looking for dining table rental online, choose a rental service that offers all the different shapes.

      Dining Table Material

      When looking for a dining table for rent near me, you will be presented with various choices in terms of materials. Apart from wood and glass, dining tables can be made of various materials. Let’s walk you through the top materials used for dining tables.


      Wooden tables are a true masterpiece. It boasts ample built-in shelving, perfect for practical storage and decorative display.


      Glass tabletops can elevate your dining room with its elegant and airy feeling. The modern, clean surface supported by a graphite X-shaped frame enhances the overall beauty of the piece. You can easily get this type of dining table on rent in Delhi.


      Metal dining tables add a unique charm to your dining space. This material remains sturdy, durable, and stain-resistant and complements contemporary or industrial-styled settings. Metal dining tables on rent in Noida are common.


      Tile tabletops are unique in their way. This distinctive choice allows for creative possibilities. Whether the tiles are artfully arranged or cover the entire surface, they are often bordered by wood frames. The result is a textured surface perfect for a fine dining experience.


      A laminate tabletop is meticulously crafted on a multi-layered construction. This design ensures durability, appeal, and resistance to wear and tear.


      Marble dining tables are luxurious options. It adds a lavish and elegant aura to your dining space. The textured surface always feels cool to the touch and is easy to maintain.

      So these are all the different material choices you can get when looking for a dining table on rent in Gurgaon or any other big city. You can choose any material depending on your home décor.

      Varying Dining Table Styles

      Now let’s talk about the different dining table styles. After deciding on the shape and material of the dining table, the next important thing to consider is the style. Luckily, dining tables on rent in Delhi NCR and other cities offer diverse styles.


      Traditional-style dining tables are the most popular ones out there. With carved wood, generous proportions, and intricate textures, this timeless design adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to your dining space.


      Modern-style dining tables emerged in the 20th century. It is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With sharp angles and clean lines, it features a beautiful frame and an uncluttered surface. This type of dining table brings an airy element to any room.


      Rustic-style dining tables use unpainted wood to create a more natural and simple feel. The hand-carved design makes it popular for cottage and cabin settings. When looking for a dining table on rent in Faridabad, you can opt for this option.


      Industrial-style dining tables are popular for their bold design. These tables are made of metal or wood, making it a strong and durable option. If you like this style, look for a dining table for rent in Ghaziabad.


      Contemporary styles are available in diverse looks. This type of dining table is ideal for those seeking the latest designs. The good thing about these tables is that they are made of varying materials. You can consider settling for this style when opting for a dining table on rent in Gurugram.


      Coastal style is unique and makes you feel at the beach. These dining tables are available in a wide range of designs. You can select from various designs from wood finishes to openwork rattan bases. The trick is to pick the one that suits your home décor the best. Considering the design of coastal-style tables, they make a perfect addition to a modern house.


      This is another unique dining table style that is hard to resist. It combines the best of both worlds – contemporary and traditional. Due to this reason, it is ideal for both traditional and modern interiors. These tables are mainly made of metal or wood.

      Final Words

      Renting a dining table is any day more beneficial than buying one. You can try out different styles and designs without breaking the bank by opting to rent. Now that you know the different dining table types, deciding the best one for your home will be easier.


      Where is the best place to put a dining table?

      The best place to put a dining table is closer to the kitchen.

      Can a sofa be used with a dining table?

      Generally, the sofa is not used with a dining table. 

      How do I cancel my Rentickle subscription?

      You can cancel your Rentickle subscription from the official website.

      What is the rule for dining tables?

      When renting a dining table, you should measure the width and length of your dining room and subtract six feet from each measurement.

      Is the dining table important?

      The dining table serves as a gathering point for your family. It provides a comfortable place to dine and have a good time with your family.