Different Sofa Styles You Can Rent For Your Home

Renting home furniture, including sofas, has become popular among those seeking a cost-effective way to furnish their homes. Whether moving to a new place or simply trying to change up your living space, getting a sofa set on rent can offer numerous benefits.

Before signing a rental agreement to rent sofa online, you should familiarize yourself with the different styles and types of sofas available. 

This article will explore some of the most popular sofa styles for rent. So if you plan to elevate your living space with a new sofa set, this post is for you.


Types Of Sofas Available For Rent

Sofas play a crucial role in providing functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. When it comes to renting sofa sets online, you are presented with a wide range of options to choose from. You will encounter a variety of sofa designs suitable for different tastes, styles, and spaces. Now let’s walk you through some of the popular types of sofa sets.

Corner Sofa

Corner sofas are a space-saving solution. Renting these sofas can help transform your living room into a comfortable area. These sofas are ideal for compact homes as it optimizes space by freeing up the main walkway. With its clever design, this sofa allows bigger families to enjoy ample seating without compromising on room to move around. 

It is also the perfect choice for small living rooms as it maximizes available space. When looking for a sofa on rent for a small living room, you can consider opting for a corner sofa. With this type of sofa, you can make the most out of your living space.

Wooden Sofas

If you plan to rent a sofa set online, we recommend you check out wooden sofas. These sofa sets are made of sturdy wood, exuding elegance and reliability. Due to the ergonomic design of the seater, it ensures ample support for your hips and back.

Wooden sofas are known for their timeless appeal. The classic design of these sofas is suitable for various home décor. These sofas are the perfect combination of reliability, durability, and sleek aesthetics. You can easily get a wooden sofa for rent in Gurgaon or any other city in India.

Lounger Sofas

When looking for a sofa set for rent, lounger sofas make one of the top choices. The unique thing about lounger sofas is that they provide the coziness of a lounge chair and the comfort of a sofa set. It is designed to provide an unrivaled relaxation experience.

The lounger sofa features cushioned armrests along with an extended footrest. It allows you to stretch your legs and indulge in much-needed comfort. You can get a lounger sofa on rent in Delhi that perfectly fits your style and budget. A lounger sofa set allows you to enjoy your leisure moments comfortably.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds, also known as divans, come in various types, offering a range of functionalities. The best thing about these sofas is that they can be transformed into a bed. These multifunctional sofa sets are the perfect solution for maximizing space in small apartments. The practical design of sofa beds makes them ideal for small homes, studio apartments, and other compact living spaces. 

Renting a sofa bed will add versatility to your living area and enhance your overall comfort. The beauty of sofa beds lies in their ability to adapt to your changing needs. If you are planning to get a sofa on rent in Delhi NCR for a temporary period, you can consider opting for a sofa bed.

Tuxedo Sofas

Tuxedo sofas, or straight backs, boast a unique and sophisticated design. It comes with a backrest level that aligns perfectly with the armrest. These sofas are known for their minimalistic looks, making them a striking addition to any hall. A tuxedo sofa perfectly complements modern room decor. With its versatile design and unique appeal, it helps you elevate your living room area.

If you are unsure if a tuxedo sofa is the right choice for your house, you can rent one and see if you find it comfortable. All you need to do is look for a sofa for rent in Noida or your city.

Sectional Sofas

If you plan to rent a sofa in Gurugram, you can opt for sectional sofas. It is one of the most popular sofa types for renting. Its unique composition distinguishes it. It typically consists of 3 to 5 sections, which allows for various arrangements. This is what sets it apart from traditional one-piece sofas. 

A sectional sofa has a back and seat cushion for maximum support and comfort. The appeal of sectional sofas lies in their practicality, making them a highly sought-after choice. The U-shaped and L-shaped designs are probably the most popular among renters.

Loveseat Sofas

Loveseat sofas are traditional sofas with two seats. These sofas come in various designs and styles, such as camelback or cabriole. It allows you to create a cozy sitting area or use it as a bench at the foot of your bed. For the latter, you will need a smaller loveseat sofa.

These sofas can be categorized into four types depending on their arm-to-arm length. These include compact, small, medium, and full loveseats. You can choose from different loveseat sofa designs when opting for a sofa on rent in Ghaziabad.

Camel Back Sofas

The camelback design stands as one of the most elegant sofa sets available. It makes an ideal choice for a luxurious living room design. With its regal essence, it truly justifies its statement. If you have ample space, consider renting a camel-back sofa.

These sofa sets come in a variety of materials and styles. Consider your budget and available space when looking for a sofa for rent in Faridabad. Go for a sofa set that complements your home décor. Embrace some quality time on these trendy sofas with your loved ones.

Final Words 

So these are all the popular sofas you can rent for your home. A comfortable sofa set provides a good place to relax and elevates the beauty of your living room. Renting a sofa set allows you to try out different designs every few months.


Is it beneficial to rent a sofa set online?

By renting a sofa online, you don’t have to take the responsibility to transport it to your address. The rental company itself will handle it.

What does it mean to rent a sofa?

To rent a sofa means temporarily leasing a sofa from a rental service for a specific period in exchange for payment.

How long does Frequip take to deliver the product?

The delivery time taken by Frequip completely depends on the availability of the furniture.

How do I cancel my Frequip subscription?

You can cancel your Frequip subscription from the official website.

Which is better: buying or renting a sofa set online?

Whether you rent or buy a sofa set online depends on your needs.

Is a sofa a necessity? 

A sofa serves as an anchor piece in your living room area.