Flexible Tenure

Pay only for the duration you have rented it. Choose any tenure that suits you better but you can return it even before finishing your tenure.


 Month of closure  1-3  3-5  6-10  11 & more
 Applicable rent as per tenure  Full 3 months rental   3 months rent  6 months rent  11 months rent


For instance, if you rent an Appliance Combo for 11-month tenure @ Rs 1429/month, and return it in the 5th month,

you don’t have to pay for 12 months. Your ‘Applicable tenure rate’ would be for a 3 months tenure (@ Rs 1749/month). So, at early closure of 5 months :

You have already paid =  Contract tenure rent x 5 months = 1429 x 5 = Rs. 7145 &

You just need to pay (Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months till date, which is, (1749 – 1429)*5 = Rs. 1600 difference

and not the full amount i.e. – (Contract tenure rent x remaining tenure) = 1429*6= Rs.8574. Thus you save Rs.6974.

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