12 Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Cherry wood remains a popular choice for bedroom furniture, maintaining its status as one of the longest-lasting trends. It perfectly combines functionality with timeless beauty, making it an excellent option for bedroom decor. Its rich and elegant grain patterns add a dash of luxury and sophistication to your living space.

You need the perfect color for your walls to truly showcase all the beauty of your cherry bedroom furnishings. However, matching colors to cherry wood can be a challenge.

The heartwood starts as a light pinkish brown and evolves into a rich reddish-brown shade over time. On the other hand, the sapwood of the cherry tree has a creamy yellow color. It’s essential to note that cherry wood colors are not uniform and vary from tree to tree. This natural variation adds to the beauty of this wood.

So, what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture? In the article below, let’s find out the preferred wall color options that seamlessly blend with cherry wood furniture.

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What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

If you have cherry wood furniture to decorate your bedroom, you must wonder what paint color goes with cherry wood. According to interior designer experts, colors like beige, pure white, olive green, creamy yellow, and light gray are some of the best choices.

These wall colors complement cherry bedroom furniture and enhance the rich, reddish-brown hues of the wood. They create a visually pleasing environment, serving as the bedroom’s focal point.

Here are the top colors that go with cherry wood:

1. Pure White 

What colors go with cherry wood? A bedroom adorned in pure white, with its spotless walls and cherry furniture, offers a minimalist aesthetic. It makes a perfect choice for those who prefer to sleep in a space that looks simple and fresh. It provides an environment free from visual distractions.

What colors go with dark cherry wood? The pure white walls act as a clean canvas, allowing the rich red tones of cherry bedroom furniture to take center stage in the color story. This combination creates a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

2. Olive Green 

What colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture? The color theory wheel suggests that green and red are complementary colors. This makes the olive-green color an excellent partner for red-toned cherry furniture. 

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What color goes with cherry wood? This particular shade of green creates a canvas for an earthy boho-inspired decor accent. To enhance the appearance, blend olive green with pops of bright white. This will create a balanced and fresh feel in the bedroom.

3. Light Gray 

What colors go well with cherry wood? The light gray color creates a cooling effect around the warmth of cherry wood furniture, adding a contemporary vibe to the color palette.

But before choosing this color, ensure your room gets enough natural light, or you might end up with a shadowy atmosphere. You can elevate this wall color further with modern wall art and indoor plants.

4. Beige 

What color paint goes with cherry wood? For those seeking a warmer ambiance, a bedroom featuring beige walls alongside cherry furniture is a sophisticated choice. Unlike plain white walls, beige adds visual warmth to the room and complements the warm tones of the wood. The result is a less stark appearance while maintaining a calm look that promotes rest.

What colors go with cherry wood furniture? Beige is also a suitable color for a room with a home workspace because of its undistracted nature.

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5. Light Blue-Gray 

What colors look good with cherry wood? Light blue-gray with warm cherry bedroom furniture creates a cooling effect of gray, which looks similar to a hazy sky. This color makes your walls appear airy, making the space more open.

Light blue-gray is a subtle color perfect for minimalists trying something different from the white-and-black palette. It gives them the desired effect without going too bold.

6. Creamy Yellow

What colors go well with cherry wood? With creamy yellow-colored walls, you can make the most of bright and sunny spaces. This paint color complements the warmth of cherry wood bedroom furniture, creating a fresh look in your room in the morning and a soothing ambiance in the evening under artificial light.

This shade is an excellent backdrop for natural materials like jute rugs and rattan light shades.

7. Dark Blue

What color curtains go with cherry wood furniture? If you want to create an accent wall in your bedroom, using dark blue would be a good idea. This shade of blue gives off a different vibe with cherry wood furniture in the room.

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It perfectly matches the reddish hue of cherry wood and adds a classy touch to your bedroom. Not to mention, it gives your wooden furniture a modern feel.

8. Mustard Yellow

What color paint goes with cherry wood bedroom furniture? Painting your walls mustard yellow can bring a sunny vibe to your space, regardless of the season or weather. 

What color goes best with cherry wood? The mustard yellow shade complements cherry bedroom furniture and creates warmth and depth. You can add white and natural greenery touches to balance the intense color.

9. Terracotta

What color goes with cherry wood furniture? Terracotta shade on the walls, accompanied by cherry wood furniture, helps you create a harmonious feel in your bedroom.

While it is not as loud as other color combinations, the warm tones work together to make your bedroom look welcoming. The contrast between them adds to the overall appeal.

10. Turquoise

What color goes with cherry wood bedroom furniture? You should go for turquoise to create a relaxing and calm bedroom space. Painting your walls with this color creates a soothing atmosphere and adds a hint of richness to the room. 

It is a clam shade that perfectly balances the warm tones of cherry wood furniture and, thus, gives your space a softer appearance.

11. Charcoal

What paint colors go well with cherry wood? For those looking to create an accent wall in a cherry-themed bedroom, consider choosing dark gray or charcoal. 

Since this is a neutral color, it blends easily with solid elements like cherry wood. The charcoal wall helps neutralize the bold furnishings, adding a sense of calm to the room.

12. Soft Pink

What paint colors go with cherry wood furniture? Combining cherry’s strong red undertones with shades like soft pink creates a lovely contrast. You can also go for any white shade with pink undertones to have the same magical effect.

What color goes well with cherry wood? This soft, muted color makes your bedroom look brighter. It makes your space visually more appealing.

So, these are the best paint colors for cherry wood furnishings in your bedroom.

Understanding Cherry Wood Furniture

Understanding Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wood furniture is renowned for its beauty and durability—no wonder it’s often regarded as a luxurious option for bedroom decor. 

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Here are some things you should know before getting cherry wood furniture:


Due to its superior quality and high demand, cherry wood furniture often comes with a hefty price tag. However, its timeless charm makes the investment worthwhile.


Being a hardwood, cherry wood exhibits longevity and durability. With proper maintenance, your cherry wood pieces can last for generations.


Cherry wood furniture possesses a timeless allure that never fades. The warm, rich tones suit modern and traditional bedroom designs.

Final Words

What colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture? When choosing the best paint colors for cherry wood bedroom furniture, it’s essential to consider the warm undertones of the wood. Neutral tones like light gray, beige, or cream create a balanced look. Additionally, soft hues such as muted greens and blues can add a touch of sophistication. Experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect match for your cherry wood furniture and create an aesthetically pleasing room.


What color compliments cherry wood?

Colors that complement cherry wood include pure white, olive green, light gray, soft pink, and charcoal. These shades harmonize well with the warm tones of the wood.

What color bedding goes with the cherry wood bed?

Bedding colors that work well with a cherry wood bed include neutral tones like cream, beige, or white. For those who prefer deeper shades, you can choose between navy blue or charcoal.

What color couch goes with cherry furniture?

A neutral-colored beige, cream, or light gray couch can compliment cherry furniture well.

What undertone is cherry wood?

Cherry wood has warm undertones. It often features reddish-brown hues, making it warm and inviting.

What paint color goes with cherry wood cabinets?

Cream, soft green, or light gray colors work well with cherry wood cabinets. These tones create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing combination in the kitchen or any space with cherry wood cabinetry.

Is cherry wood still in style?

Cherry wood has been in style forever. It’s the longest-lasting furniture trend, with homeowners still choosing it over another wood type.

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