1. How and till when can I modify my order ?

You can modify your order till one day before the agreed delivery date. You can mail us your modifications or call us. Delivery time and date might change due to modification. There are no extra charges for modifications. You can not add new items to your order once delivered. You have to place a new order if you want more items.


2. What is the procedure for cancelling an existing order ?

Once delivered, it can not be cancelled. You can cancel your order till one day before the agreed date of delivery without any extra cost. You can place cancellation request by mailing us or calling us.


3. Can I return few items or entire order If I do not like items at the time of delivery ?

If accepted by you or your representative (anyone receiving order on your behalf) at the time of delivery, nothing will be returned later. Only items with major defects or non functionality will be taken back. No item will be taken back on the basis of dimensions as all the dimensions are mentioned on the website and customer is very well aware of the dimensions before placing an order. However, some genuine issues can be discussed over a call and we might take items back but only if pointed out at the time of delivery. Though freQuip team will provide all the assistance and maintenance during the renting tenure. Once FreQuip team leaves the premises, such issues will not be entertained. FreQuip team will leave your premises when you are satisfied.